A Song

Whatever happened to the song?
A pretty melody so happy souls could hum along
A sad and simple story of a love gone wrong
Whatever happened to the song?

Whatever happened to the time?
It seems like yesterday when working wasn’t worth a dime
Cause love was all we needed, and it was sublime
Whatever happened to the time?

Before everyone got indoctrinated
Before everything had been bought and sold
Remember how music intoxicated?
How it got in your heart and your head and took hold?

Now music is Music Incorporated
And each demographic must do as it’s told
New listeners all get inoculated
If it seems to lack substance, your soul is too old

Whatever happened to the world?
Another kind heart breaks as each new battleflag’s unfurled
So victory to the meanest or most cunning or headstrong
It figures we got shown the door. We never quite belonged
But I hope someone will tell them after we are all long gone
There used to be a thing we called a song