Let’s Get Up and Walk Around Some

Let’s get up and walk around some
Ain’t no tellin’ what we’ll find
Might feel better once we’ve found some
Don’t nobody gotta know. Ain’t nobody gonna mind

Nothin’ wrong with hangin’ ’round some
Ain’t no crime in layin’ low
But we’re definitely down some
Now’s the time to get up, get ready to go

Let’s presume to exhume from the doom and the gloom
Of this tomb of a room the perfume of the blooming of roses
So that scent might prevent this relentless lament
And present an extent of contentment well spent on our noses
Look how bent both of those is
Let’s get up and walk around some

Grime and grit. What a pit. Is this it? Pitch a fit.
Can’t we quit and just split, pack our kit and go hit the oasis?
Just we two – me and you – can pursue pastures new,
Bid adieu to this zoo, thus eschewing a slew of old faces
Overdue for new spaces
Rendezvous where that place is
Bring a few rhyming phrases
Timbuktu or ten paces
Can’t make do with this stasis
Let’s get up and walk around some